Lumenate Ltd is a Lighting Design Consultancy based in the South East of England. With a background in film, theatre and music, the company is ideally positioned to offer new and exciting design ideas reinforced by a genuine understanding of how light works.

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what we do
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Our company aims to offer experience combined with an artistic eye. We aim to offer a service that is conscientious and relevant whilst maintaining the flexibility to keep an open mind. With an emphasis on attention to detail, practicality, environmental issues and innovation, we feel the creative flare of a beautifully lit stage-set can be applied to any space or situation.

The art of lighting design may vary depending on the subject but the general principles remain the same and delivering the right design involves knowing some basic facts:

  • What the client wants
  • What the project needs
  • The right tools for the job
  • How real world constraints will affect the design

Starting with a through understanding of the client’s requirements, we aim to develop artistic, innovative and practical ideas. This approach, backed-up with technical expertise, will make the difference between an ordinary and an inspirational lighting design.