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With 10 years experience in the film industry Chris Craig, now working as Lumenate Ltd, is in a position to offer creative solutions for specialist lighting equipment and it’s use in film production. 

During his time working in the industry Chris has acquired an understanding of the business and its specific needs.  His career has spanned a varied selection of productions through which he has developed interesting approaches to many of the demands of today’s market.

Lumenate specialises in making lighting technology work.  With the help of these new systems lighting for film or television can be made more creative, accessible, dynamic, and cost effective. We are regularly asked to install and operate:

  • LED’s
  • Moving Lights
  • Dimmer Systems
  • Lighting Desks
  • Time Code
  • CAD

Lumenate can provide the flexibility and versatility of modern, innovative lighting for film, video and television.